Mid December we sent to the Management some proposals to unclog the traffic around Airbus Blagnac sites: click HERE for the full article.

The Management came back recently to us saying that they are well aware of this issue and that our proposed solutions would be studied and discussed during the next relevant commission of the CHSCT (Health and Security Committee) in March.

In response to that, we mentioned that March seems a bit far and that this topic should be handled with top priority… Especially with the new ATR building opening soon, which will make the situation even worse…

In particular, the option #1 that we propose at the level of Velasquez street (see below) seems to be easily put in place and would make the traffic smoother. Why waiting until March to study this solution and make the decision to go for it?

Finally, thanks to your feedback further to our previous article, we also asked that the security barriers be kept open in the range 5pm – 7pm, and we submitted the following idea at the level of Dewoitine parking: make the gate and the road just outside a few cm wider, to allow people turning left at the exit, i.e. towards Campus 3 and, ultimately, towards the exit at Velasquez (a less expensive way of doing this might be to link that carpark with the carpark in front of the Staff Council, which has two exits already).








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