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Our strategists are not infallible! When they make bad decisions or get priorities wrong it is the future of all employees who is at stake.

FO, the majority union at Airbus, has always been able to show responsibility in periods of changes while ensuring the defense of employees.

We supported the changes when they were beneficial for the future of the group (creation of FAL in China and the US), but we have marked our opposition if they went against employment interests or have jeopardized the group’s structure (sale of our aerostructure plants Stelia and Premium Aerotech).

Upheavals are announcing within Airbus: new management, development of the digitalisation, new strategy for the operation of aircraft, modifications of aerostructures.

The group’s industrial model will change profoundly.

FO anticipates and asks:

– Continued investments on all our sites to meet the challenges of tomorrow: conversion of A380 installations, digital transformation of the company and of our production processes.

– Keep control internally within Airbus on our productions and our services (ATI maintenance, training center, accounting, …) in order to guarantee our deadlines and the quality of our deliverables.

– Keep internally lucrative activities such as embedded electronics and simulation of our programs. The sad example of the setbacks of the 737 MAX must convince us of this absolute necessity.

– The implementation of adequate means adapted to the intensification of the development of services to our customers and the positioning of Airbus as a leader in this market which will double in the next 15 years.


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