Le paysage syndical français est riche et varié, pas toujours facile de s’y retrouver au moment de choisir son représentant (les prochaines élections professionnelles chez Airbus auront lieu le 28 novembre 2019).
N°1 dans le groupe Airbus, FO a choisi de se distinguer en pratiquant le réformisme exigeant qui a fait ses preuves.

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The French trade union landscape is rich and varied, it’s not always easy to navigate when choosing a representative (next elections in Airbus will be hel on the 28th of November, 2019).
#1 in the Airbus group, FO chose to establish itself by practicing the demanding reformism, which has proven to be efficient. Explanations.

There are, schematically, two opposing union practices that FO rejects.

-The first one consists in surfing on the spirit of the times, by systematically focussing on majority opinions, in the sole aim of conserving a certain representativeness.

-The other one is purely based on contestation. Those unions consider their duty and priority of action, are to destroy the subordination link which exists between employees and their employer.

FO rejects those practices simply because they do not work !

At FO Airbus, we are more pragmatic and we consider that between opportunism and dogmatism, there is a third way, which is demanding reformism.

In the company, we have chosen to be close and to listen to employees in order to place our actions right into the field of employees’ daily pre-occupations in their work environment.

Improving your working conditions and guaranteeing your safety, helping your salary progress, getting your voice heard, defending our industry and our jobs; these are our commitments.

Within Airbus, FO is supported by thousands of members for which we are really representative, whether it be for workers, technicians, cadres or even the executives.

Salaries, bonuses, career development, work organisation, etc.; for all these subjects, it’s your memberships and votes that give FO the necessary weight to obtain so many agreements for social progress.

The reform in social dialogue requested by the government will, during the next professional elections to be held on the 28th of November, transform the way you are represented.

FO intends to pursue its proximity action, in your workshops and in your offices.

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